Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation and Consulting:  Mr. Seal is highly skilled in the rapidly-developing field of wrongful foreclosure law.  This includes knowledge of newly developed theories of recovery such as negligenc in loan servicing, dual-tracking liability, TILA rescission, RESPA, and theories based on void assignments of loans, such as in the recent Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage decision by the California Supreme Court.  Recently, Mr. Seal prevailed on a Petition for Review at the Supreme Court level, in a case presenting the same basic legal issue as ruled upon in Yvanova.  

Land Use Litigation:  We have successfully represented landowners as plaintiffs and defendants in disputes involving claims of nuisance, alteration of waterways, pollution cases, easement matters, and homeowners association disputes.  Mr. Seal also volunteers time to local cycling and trail use groups dealing with land access and land usage issues.

Business and Contractual Litigation: Including contract disputes, partnership disputes, software development contracts, real estate transfer contracts, and other types of contractual matters.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases:  Mr. Seal’s years of training in the insurance defense field gives him incredible competence in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death litigation, especially in cases involving motor vehicle accidents.  Mr. Seal spent ten years of practice being trained at prominent local firms, where he became an expert on the liability concepts involved, as well as the somtimes complex insurance and coverage issues that serious injury cases involve.  Mr. Seal is an avid bicyclist and takes a passionate personal interest in protecting the rights of fellow cyclists involved in motor vehicle accidents. 

Legal Malpractice:  Sometimes the most direct cause of a loss can be the work of a prior attorney.  Mr. Seal has represented successfully clients who have lost inheritances, houses, and other legal rights due to inept or negligent lawyering.  We have successfully sued large firms for negligence.  If you believe your former attorney has caused you a loss due to legal malpractice please call.  

Wills and Trusts:  If you have not had your will drafted, or if you would like to discuss the benefits of a living trust, Mr. Seal would be happy to help you get your affairs in order.

Related Services:  Mr. Seal also consults with other attorneys on trial work and trial preparation, long term litigation strategy, and offering second opinions on case evaluations.  Mr. Seal also pays referral fees to referring attorneys and has a policy of paying a referral fee in most situations.